We offer an array of services including bespoke murals, workshops, live art, illustration, graphic design and event management which can also include provision of music.

Having already collaborated with a number of nationwide organisations on creative led projects we look forward to push forward our portfolio of engagement.

murals and large scale artworks

Graffwerk specialises in high-impact creative murals. These murals can transform any space into an immersive visual masterpiece that will engage a diverse audience.

Our clients have been able to captivate the public with outstanding artworks which are a great talking point and work as a great tool for pushing an organic social media presence through public engagement.


Workshops work as a great tool to develop creativity whilst teaching collaborative working skills. Each workshop is specifically tailored to the client and their required outcomes. From corporate team building exercises to primary school age groups we can create a workshop just for you.

Our workshops are designed according to group, skill set and needs. All our workshops are led by easygoing creative professionals with teaching experience. We can work both indoors and outdoors with any sized group and age range.

Live Art & Illustration

A talking point at any event, live illustration works as a great focal point to bring people together. A unique attraction to distinguish yourselves at any event whether this be a trade show, live music, club nights or corporate events the limits are endless.

Live illustration can be created in many formats including marker pen work or non toxic indoor use spraypaints. Live illustration is a great marketing tool.

Bespoke artworks will be created before your eyes to create an authentic wow factor. These works can be kept as a permanent memento should you wish. Artwork design can be prepared beforehand to the clients requirements.

Digital Artwork

Graffwerk offers the service of bespoke digital artworks. These works can be created in accordance with a client brief. Often used as a high impact marketing tool these custom designs can complement any brand. Created by genuine street artists these pieces stand out in a world of average template-driven design.

Whether you’re looking for a complete brand campaign, digital assets or a design for print get in touch.


Schools are a place of learning and it’s important to develop creativity. Great works of art can capture the imagination.

A wide range of projects can be delivered to engage and inspire.

Interior Work

Reinvigorate and inspire with bespoke interior murals designed to brief. Our team of artists create incredible talking points whether in your home or the office.